Shuaibah IWPP III Power Plant Project, Saudi Arabia
Scope Of Works
EPCC Contractor

The Shuaibah IWPP facility is owned by the Shuaibah Water and Electricity Co. (SWEC) with ACWA Power being its major share holder. This IWPP project was the first transaction of the Water and Electricity Company (WEC) and is worth $2.45 billion.

The 900 MW light crude oil-fired power and desalination plant and associated facilities are located 100km south of Jeddah, (JIZAN) on the western of Saudi Arabia.

In June 2005, a Saudi-Malaysian consortium comprised of ACWA Power Projects of Saudi Arabia and Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Malakoff Berhad and Khazanah Berhad of Malaysia was selected as the first ranked bidder to Build, Own and Operate (BOT) the Shuaibah IWPP.

Zelan’s took on this challenge when they were awarded with this maiden project to construct the offshore marine engineering for the power plant which covers intake & outfall, break water and channel dredging.

Being our first overseas project for marine engineering, we were faced with extreme challenges. The weather conditions and environment condition has pushed our expertise and our team to the limit.

Shuaibah IWPP is one of the largest combined power and water plants in the world. Arabian Heavy Crude Oil is used to produce steam for power generation and desalinated water production using multi stage flash (MSF) technology.

The Shuaibah-III Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) is the first IWPP projects in Saudi Arabia and the largest greenfield IWPP in the world.