Corporate Governance Overview Statement

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of Zelan Berhad (“Zelan” or “the Company”) acknowledges the importance of good corporate governance in protecting and enhancing the interest of shareholders. As such, the Board is committed towards adherence to the principles, recommendations and best practices set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017 (“the Code”).

The Board believes that good corporate governance adds value to the business of the Company and its subsidiary companies (“Zelan Group” or “Group”) and will ensure that this practice continues. The Board believes in playing an active role in guiding the Management through its oversight review while at the same time steer the Group’s business direction and strategy.

The Board is pleased to present below the Corporate Governance Overview Statement (the “Statement”) on how the Group has applied the principles of the Code and the extent of compliance with the principles and best practices advocated therein.

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