Enterprise Risk Management Policy and Framework

Risk management is a part of Zelan Berhad Group of Companies’ (“ZB”) strategy to promote accountability through good governance and robust business practices, to support our 4 strategic objectives:

  • Maximise Shareholder Value;
  • Service Excellence to Stakeholders;
  • Lead in Value Innovation; and
  • Be the Preferred Employer.

The Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) Policy and Framework set out the process for managing risks across the ZB. This document outlines how the organization ensures risks are managed effectively and efficiently. It illustrates how risk management is embedded in our organisational systems to ensure that it is integrated at all levels and work contexts. It describes the key principles, elements and processes to guide staff in effectively managing risks, making it part of our day-to-day decision-making and business practices.

ZB applies risk management across the entire organisation — ZB Head Office and Operating Companies as well as specific functions, programs, projects and activities. Implementation of the policy and framework strengthens management practices, decision making and resource allocation process, while at the same time protects stakeholders’ interests and maintains trust and confidence.

This Policy shall be presented to the Audit Committee and be recommended for approval to the Board of the ZB before it is adopted.

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